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Hello Everyone,

I am Indumathi Lakshmikanthan. I am a certified Early childhood educator. I live in California, the United States of America with my husband, my little girl "Aditi" and little boy "Karthik."

As my daughter started growing up, we had a huge challenge of matching her unquenchable thirst for learning and playing. We want to keep her away from the screen. I realized that we, as a parent, have to give a “non-addictive screen “environment for her to cherish the memories as same as what we had during our childhood. With that challenge in mind, I started searching the “Internet” for answers.

In the searcing progress, I came to know Early childhood education and the positive side of Early learning in kids.

Inspired from many sources, I started with the DIY (Do-it-yourself) activities at home with readily available items and bought specific, less expensive play stuff. We have begun to implement this positive learning in our day to day life. This practice enhanced my interest in this particular field, which in turn motivated me to enroll in the Early childhood program. In the course of study, I came to know about the relationship building with children, Understanding children’s mind as an adult and the effect of learning.

To make these efforts worthwhile, we wanted to share all my experience with other Aspiring Parents. In this blog, we will be sharing our Parenting Journey, discuss various parenting topics, Childcare. Along with, Kids activities ranging from 4 months to preschool, Practical life activities for kids, Free printable worksheets, Kids book reviews and recommendations, Youtube channel videos.

Another bold advice don’t feel bad or guilty if you are not able to follow any of my suggestions. Everyone’s life is different and so as the kids. Providing care and undivided attention to kids is more important than anything.

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