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24 Nov Parenting is hard!!!!It is ok to get bored and overwhelmed in parenting
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IntroductionParents are human beings too!!!   Yes, today, I want to acknowledge parents’ feelings, more precisely moms feeling. We moms love to spend ..
24 Nov How to calm down an angry child? – Positive parenting strategy
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IntroductionAnger is one of the primal emotions as sorrow, joy, fear, surprise, and disgust. Every emotion is normal, and no need to be guilty about i..
24 Nov How to handle an angry child in a gentle way?- Role of gentle parenting in kids life
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IntroductionLet’s not judge the child with their behavior. Kids can’t hide their emotions, and they let them go at home or outside. Kids are kids!!!!!..
24 Nov What to ask my child after coming back from school?-After school discussion with child
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IntroductionSchool life plays a major role in anyone’s life. Kids have mixed emotions and experiences from school. And every love to have regular conv..
24 Nov How to treat siblings equally and support them without partiality
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IntroductionAs per my personal experience, parenting a single child and multiple children is different, especially when satisfying their needs. As a p..
24 Nov 10 Important things to consider before enrolling kids for extra curricular classes/camps
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IntroductionOnce the child reaches a certain age, we parents love to give more exposure to kids on various other extracurricular activities. The world..
24 Nov Top 10 things to keep in mind while sending kids to school
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IntroductionSchool is one of the places where the child will spend most of their daytime, and it plays a significant role in a child’s life. The schoo..
24 Nov Top 10 Important points to consider while deciding for second baby or multiple babies
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IntroductionFamily is an emotion, and everyone loves family. We, as human beings, love to have kids and want to raise them significantly. Kids play a ..
24 Nov Story of Diwali/Deepavali-“Indian Festival of lights”
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"Diwali - Festival of lights"          We all know Diwali as “Festival of lights “. India has different states and culture inside the country, every s..
15 Nov Top  behaviors  of parents which irritates/annoys the child during their early age
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IntroductionAs a parent, we always want to do our best for the kids and expect the child to stand out in the crowd. We want them to understand every..
29 Aug 10 Simple Ways to Strengthen the Parent-Child Bond: Quality Time Tips for Busy Parents
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IntroductionBuilding a strong bond with our kids makes life happier. When we connect well with our kids, it helps them grow emotionally and mentally, ..
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