Childhood is one of the happiest and memorable phases for any human being. How much ever we grow and reach heights, we always remember our childhood days. We want to go back and enjoy it one more time if we have lived it fully. If it was traumatized, we don’t want to think about it. The same applies to our children as well. If we allow them to explore as many things as possible without many restrictions, but with healthy boundaries, they will grow as a happy and successful person. Shall we provide a healthy environment to our next generation?

1.Allow the child to cry

Crying is the first mode of communication for kids. If we ask them to stop crying, we are asking them to suppress their emotions and they get confused as their emotional needs are not met with a sudden pause on their cry.Allow them to cry , so they can come out of the stress and discuss their problem with us. Let them cry and express.

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Support a child emotionally

2.Allow them to express everything.

Let the child share their feelings and emotions with us. Other than parents and family, children don’t have anyone to share any of these. Please don’t ignore them, but support the child as much as we can

3.Allow them to shout

Shouting is one of the basic behavior of any child. Please avoid punishments or any threatening to stop the shouting; instead, use positive guidance. So, the child can express their feelings and at the same time will understand as they need to avoid shouting, which will happen gradually

Support a child emotionally

4.Allow them to show the anger.

Getting angry is one of the primal emotional of any human being. Please acknowledge the child’s anger and support them to come out of it through guidance . Please avoid punishments and threatening 

5.Allow them to explore as much as they can.

Childhood is the age of exploration. Please allow them to explore as many as they can , as many places as they can. Kindly avoid lots of restriction instead provide a safe environment to the child for exploration 

6.Allow them to learn from mistakes.

Kids do mistakes because they are children and it takes time for them to understand it. Let them do mistakes and learn from it. Allow them to do it, so they can analye and come up with proper solution for any problem. 

7.Allow them to take time to understand life skills.

It takes time to understand few life skills such as sharing, helping, taking care of others etc. Provide guidance and support them so they learn it in a proper way. Allow them to take their own time to understand it through experience. 

Support a child emotionally

8.Allow them to walk on barefoot

9.Allow them to play in muddy puddle

10.Allow them to touch the sand and play in water

11.Allow them to self feed and fall in love with food

Children have to fall in love with food then only they eat with happiness. And self feeding the best way to achieve it

12.Allow them to speak out their preference

13.Allow them to choose their own things.

14.Allow them to have freedom with boundaries inside the house.

15.Allow them to live their childhood


Providing boundaries is perfectly fine in childhood as it is much needed but at the same time, allow the child to enjoy and live their childhood. Because we an adult we can’t do many things which a child can do and live the moment. Let them do it. 

Who wants to be a child again ?