Threatening is one of the topmost weapons that everyone uses to control the other person or get the work done. Sometimes, the threat may happen in the parenting journey as well. We are all well aware that children resist doing many things most of the time, and to get the work done, parents may take up the threatening way. Threatening may solve the problem for the time being, but it causes a long-lasting tear in a child’s life. Please scroll through to check the side effects of threatening, some every day threatening situations, and positive solutions to handle them well without causing any impact on the child.

Effects of threatening

  • At a young age, the child seems to react to our threaten and listen to us. But when the days pass by child stops listening, and the threatening doesn’t matter to them. They ignore our positive words as well later.
  • After few days, the child may start to talk back by saying, “I know it’s a lie, and don’t try to trick or threaten me.”
  • The child goes into the unnecessary negative belief, which will be a significant drawback in their life. They may start to get scared of many things in their lives and don’t know how to react. 
  • The child may think threatening is the only way to get the work done with anybody, and they start to use this weapon with siblings, friends, or against the parents. 
  • Children may take the short route of threatening to achieve success in their life.
Positive discipline in early childhood

Common situations for threatening

Always take up positive communication and clearly explains the side effect of the child’s action. They need a proper explanation rather than any quick solution through threat. 

  • Sit on the car seat; otherwise, policemen/policewomen come and take you. This statement or threat towards the child is not needed. Please explain “Why the child needs to sit on the car seat” from the safety perspective. It may take time, but the child eventually starts to follow if we do it positively.
  • Wear the name tag otherwise teacher scold you. Share the importance of a name tag “without a name tag; the teacher can’t recognize the child as there are many kids. It is always better to wear it, so the child won’t go missing. 
  • Have food; otherwise, the doctor will come and give the injection. Instead of this threatening, we need to convey the importance of eating positively. 
  • Please clean it up, or otherwise am throwing it in the trash. Instead of this, we can say, “Let’s do it together or distribute the work and finish it soon.”
  • A thief will come and pick you up if you don’t eat now. 
  • Ghost will come if you go in the dark.
  • If you don’t wear this dress, I won’t talk to you. 
Positive discipline in early childhood

These kinds of threats are prevalent in day-to-day life. It is ok !!! If you happen to say this very rarely, that too without much consciousness. But avoid it most of the time for the sake of our child’s future. 


Threatening may give the result and works for a short period. But it is not a long-lasting permanent solution for any child’s tantrum. It is tough to have a positive discipline with threatening. Positive parenting may not have an immediate effect but is the best way to have a long-lasting discipline in children