Parents are human beings too!!! 

  Yes, today, I want to acknowledge parents’ feelings, more precisely moms feeling. We moms love to spend an ample amount of time with our kids. Before we become parents, our life belongs to us we had our own time for anything, if we felt bored of doing the same work we shift our work or sometimes we might have stopped doing that. But this is not the case once we become moms/parents. 

  Though we get bored, we need to do some work for the welfare of our children. And we moms are great at doing such work. I am a parenting coach, am a mother of 2 kids, and yes!!! I get bored of doing some work again and again. 

  Are you interested in knowing them? Please scroll through and let me know whether you can relate to any of this work. 

Yes, I(parents) get bored!!!

1.To read my kid's books again and again

We are all well aware kids love reading books, and like other kids, even my children also love reading. I love to read aloud, and book reading is one of the happiest times in our day. But sometimes, they want me to read the same book repeatedly, which makes me feel a little overwhelmed. Though we know the importance of repeat reading, we get bored doing the same work on loop as a human. 

Parenting is hard

2.To hold my child for long time

Most of the kids want their parents to hold them for comfort. There are so many hidden reasons behind this particular behavior, but as a human, I feel tired, bored to holding them all the time. It gives me physical pain without any doubt because I feel bored doing the work repeatedly. 

Parenting is hard

3.Kids wake up early on weekends

Weekdays are busy for humans, especially for parents, as they have to do double the work. Weekends are bit relaxed for them as they can sleep a little longer to energize themselves. But most kids tend to wake up early during the week, and it is a stressful time for many parents, including me. 

4.Night cry

Kids cry in the middle of the night for various reasons. However, we know the reason behind the night crying in kids it gives us much tiredness to wake up many times. As moms, we want to calm down the child, but we get tired as humans, which is perfectly fine to have such a feeling.

Parenting is hard

5.Playing the same game

 If kids love something, they love to do it again and again. More than anything, it is very much evident in playing.They love to play their favorite on repeat mode, and they want us to involve with them as well. It is an overwhelming job for us, especially if we are physically drained. And this is one of the reasons for me to get bored. 

Parenting is hard


I can list many such things that make me overwhelming in my parenting life. As I get bored, it doesn’t mean I don’t love my kids. There is no relation between being overwhelmed and love. Overwhelming is because of any reason which involves physical exhaustion, emotional stress, lack of ME time, family stress, professional stress or may be due to any reason. Though we go through many stress, we never fail to care for our children. So, please don’t feel guilty because of any such feeling; instead, take time for yourself and get energized to run through the day