Childhood memory is one of the beautiful feelings for any human being, as it will stay with us throughout our lives. A child needs many small things in their early childhood, including loads of mindful and mindless laughing, etc. Let them enjoy everything as this is going to have a significant impact on their life. A child loves endless playing, healthy food, and emotional support to have a stress-free childhood. Let us provide everything within limits to the children. Are you interested in knowing them? Please scroll through

Important need for a child

1.Lots of laughing

Laughing is one of the best feelings for any human being. Anyone and everyone want to laugh even without any reason. It is the same with children as well. Kids love to laugh at many things, and laughing helps much with brain development. Let them laugh as much as they can.

Please checkout different ways to make a child laugh

How to make a child laugh

  • Gentle tickling
  • Read a comic book
  • Make Funny voices
  • Rough and tumble play
  • Talk something crazy
  • Play hide and seek
  • Change some routine things on purpose while talking- Will wear shoe on hands etc.
  • Play Peek-a-boo
  • Laugh often even without any reason
  • Make silly faces
  • Play pillow fight and bedsheet game
  • Dance for kids rhymes
  • Play with Balloon

Apart from this, there are several ways to make a child laugh. Let them lugh out loud and enjoy their childhood. 

2.Endless Playing in early childhood

Play, how beautiful is this word. Everyone loves to play, especially our children. Playing is the main work for a child, and they develop as many skills as they can through play.

Kids laugh, strengthen up their bodies, develop their brains, etc., through play.We have noticed, not all kids play in the same way, and every child is unique, and they choose to play as per their interest.

Kids learn as many things through play. Please CLICK HERE to know various forms of play in early childhood. 

3.Good healthy food for energetic childhood

Food is one of the basic needs for any living being on this earth, and it gives us energy and provides immense health to our bodies. Clean eating habits are more important during an early age for a healthy and energetic future. Let’s do our level best to provide the same to our kids.

Top 10 needs of a child in early age

4.Unconditional love

One of the most wanted needs for any child is “Unconditional love” from their caregiver, especially their parents. Whenever the child is about to face any danger, they automatically come to us for any protection. If we fail to provide the necessary love, kids fail to calm themselves down and feel left out. Provide “Unconditional love” to the child throughout their life, especially during their early childhood

5.Safe and secure environment

Children love to explore as much as they can during early childhood. It is our responsibility to provide a safe environment for play and learn as much as they can.

6.Emotional Support

Emotional support during early childhood is one of the topmost priorities for any parent. Emotional support is much needed throughout our life, especially at an early age, as it is when a child starts to feel all of the emotions inside them. It is our responsibility to acknowledge their feeling and support them throughout

7.People to communicate

8.Being themselves

9.Place to play and learn

10. Satisfying and memorable childhood


One of the best phase of life is early childhood age where child need many precious things from their parents. We can satisfy most of their needs and let’s make the child early life memorable.